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Wrap Technologies announces deployment of BolaWrap 150 remote restraint devices across Cobb County, Georgia

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TEMPE, Ariz. - Wrap Technologies, Inc., a visionary leader in advanced public safety solutions, today announced the adoption of BolaWrap 150® remote restraint devices by the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia. This is the first deployment of BolaWrap in the Cobb County area and is part of a nationwide push of innovative law enforcement initiatives by forward-thinking public safety officials.

“The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office deployment of BolaWrap represents a significant milestone in the adoption of no-harm inspired public safety techniques in one of Georgia’s largest metropolitan areas. Sheriff Owens is a pioneer in the changing landscape of policing, continuously exploring and developing community-centered approaches and utilizing the latest technological advancements,” said Kevin Mullins, CEO of Wrap Technologies. “We take pride in standing alongside one of the foremost figures in modern policing and are delighted in Cobb County’s commitment to BolaWrap’s promise of de-escalation and decreased use of force.”

The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office completed its training of BolaWrap in May and started deploying the revolutionary law enforcement tool immediately. The third most populous county in Georgia joins over 1000 agencies across the US and 60 countries around the world who have adopted the company’s solution and no-harm guiding principle. Wrap Technologies’ BolaWrap is a proprietary technology that allows deputies to safely restrain individuals without causing significant harm or escalating the situation. By deploying a lightweight Kevlar® tether, BolaWrap can rapidly and temporarily immobilize an individual’s legs or arms, effectively allowing officers to move in while minimizing the potential for injury to both law enforcement and the individual involved.

“My team and I are committed to transforming policing by embracing cutting-edge technology and prioritizing de-escalation techniques,” said Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens. “BolaWrap is indispensable in our Adult Detention Center, allowing for the swift and secure management of individuals who may not initially comply with lawful orders. This innovative tool is helping us reduce the use of force while also enhancing the safety of our deputies, the detainees in our custody, and the greater Cobb County community.”

“The adoption of BolaWrap by the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office is a great step towards safer policing outcomes and signifies a leap forward in community-first thinking. We recognize just how vital and life-saving this technology can be for those caught in police encounters and are excited more agencies around the country are embracing this cutting-edge tool,” said Reverend Markel Hutchins, Chairman, President & CEO of MovementForward in Atlanta, Georgia. “With their commitment to BolaWrap, Sheriff Owens and his team are making great strides in Cobb County, contributing to a safer and more equitable society for all as they approach policing with innovative and prudent solutions.”

Wrap Technologies recognizes the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office progressive outlook and their commitment to the safety and well-being of both the police and the people they serve. This new deployment emphasizes BolaWrap’s ability to transform law enforcement protocol worldwide.

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About Wrap

Wrap Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: WRAP) is a leading global provider of advanced public safety solutions, integrating state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge tools, and comprehensive services to address the complex, modern day challenges facing public safety organizations around the world. Guided by a no-harm principle, Wrap is dedicated to developing groundbreaking solutions that empower public safety agencies to safeguard the communities they serve in a manner that fosters stronger relationships and delivers positive public safety outcomes.

Wrap’s BolaWrap® solution encompasses an innovative and patented hand-held remote restraint device, strategically engineered with Wrap’s no-harm guiding principle to proactively deter escalation by deploying a Kevlar® tether that safely restrains individuals from a distance. Combined with BolaWrap® training, certified by the esteemed International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST), Wrap enables officers from over 900 agencies across the US and 60 countries around the world, with the expertise to effectively use BolaWrap® as an early intervention measure, mitigating potential risks and injuries, averting tragic outcomes.

Wrap Reality™, the Company’s advanced virtual reality training system, is a fully immersive training simulator and comprehensive public safety training platform equips first responders with the discipline and practice to prevent escalation, de-escalate conflicts, and apply appropriate tactical use-of-force measures to better perform in the field. By offering a growing range of real-life scenarios, Wrap Reality™ addresses the dynamic nature of modern law enforcement situations for positive public safety outcomes.

Wrap’s Intrensic solution is a comprehensive, secure and efficient body worn camera and evidence collection and management solution designed with innovative technology to quickly capture, safely handle, securely store, and seamlessly track evidence, all while maintaining full transparency throughout the process. With meticulous consolidation and professional management of evidence, confidence in law enforcement and the justice system soars, fostering trust and reliability in court outcomes. Intrensic’s efficient system streamlines the entire process seamlessly, empowering all public safety providers to focus on what matters. Expediting justice with integrity.

Wrap’s headquarters are in Tempe, Arizona. For more information, please visit