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Vector Solutions launches public safety tool connecting training and certification records between academies, local departments and state regulatory agencies

AgencyConnect provides a single repository across state certifying authorities, training academies, and local agencies to simplify reporting and provide a comprehensive, real-time view of first responder training and qualifications

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TAMPA, Fla. Today, Vector Solutions, the leading provider of technology solutions to help train, prepare, and retain public safety professionals, announced the launch of AgencyConnect, the only data-sharing solution connecting local departments’ training management systems to those used by state certifying authorities and training academies. AgencyConnect establishes a single repository for first responder preparedness and documentation, allowing them to focus on more important tasks like preparedness initiatives.

Until now, there has been no inherent connection between the systems that state standards and training/certifying bodies use and the software and paper processes being utilized by local personnel to manually submit training records to maintain their certifications. For too long, first responders and state authorities have been challenged with fragmented systems, with training and certification records distributed across academies, local departments, and state regulatory agencies – and in many cases in paper files locked away in an office. When the time comes to track down the information needed, the files are extremely difficult to access, resulting in wasted time. Once the information is obtained, it must be submitted via multiple and varying systems to maintain compliance, making an already long process more time-consuming and taking time away from focusing on preparedness initiatives.

“Assurance that our first responders are trained and qualified for the critical role they play in public safety impacts us all,” said Jonathan Cherins, CEO of Vector Solutions. “Yet, the disconnected, cumbersome, and time-consuming processes currently in place to track and report all their training and certifications is outdated.”

AgencyConnect provides a real-time, single repository across state agencies, academies, and local departments. It enables state training authorities to automatically collect and verify hundreds of thousands of records submitted annually from agencies across the state. Some of the benefits departments will see using AgencyConnect include:

  • Reduced time-intensive, manual processes that inhibit training reviews
  • Simplified training reporting to reduce the risk of out-of-compliance first responders
  • Better preparedness insight from comprehensive certification, renewal, and training information

The Missouri Division of Fire Safety, Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), New Mexico Firefighters Training Academy, and The Georgia Firefighters Standards and Training Council are AgencyConnect founding partners, enabling an easier process for local agencies across their states to access, track, and report their first responder training—including automated training submissions. The decision to integrate this Vector Solutions tool exemplifies their commitment to modernizing and improving training and certification management for their respective departments across Missouri, Utah, New Mexico, and Georgia.

“In response to the demand for increased accountability and enhanced training within the law enforcement profession, there is a strong desire for local agency solutions that streamline officer training and automate reporting,” said John Jacobs, Utah POST Training Manager. “We require innovative technological solutions to enhance our efficiency, and Vector Solutions is stepping up to meet that demand.”

Additionally, the Training Operations Manager for the New Mexico Firefighters Training Academy said, “If a training officer contacts me wanting to get the student training and certification records for one of their members and I could pull up everything he has done at the Academy, plus all of the training completed at his local department with AgencyConnect, it would save everyone a lot of time. I know there are other states that also track all training data, including non-certification training, so automating training submissions would save time and the headaches of having to submit rosters and course materials.”

“Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training is new to Acadis and we are enjoying the possibilities provided,” said Randy Toms, Executive Director of The Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training. “We are especially excited about the combining of Acadis through our agency and Vector Solutions with departments to continue enhancing efficiency throughout the State of Georgia.”

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