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The Police Communications topic provides news, analysis, tips and info on issues such as D-Block reallocation, interoperability, the 700 MHz public safety broadband spectrum and more.

Learn how Larsen’s hefty donation for officer wellness and community engagement builds on his extensive history of supporting law enforcement in the City by the Bay
Understand the 5G frequency bands and how to develop a secure, resilient comms solution that fits your budget
Hostile citizens may try to embarrass you for clicks – here’s a defense
Firm’s subject-matter experts will evaluate technologies, operations, policies, and more
Director of Communications Gilbert Gallegos says fast responses and consistency are priorities crucial for building trust with community members and the media
Discover how Chief Christopher Cook utilizes storytelling to connect with both his officers and the community, creating a cohesive and transparent law enforcement environment
With Prepared’s technology, iPhone users can share live video during an Emergency SOS call; dispatchers can also share data with first responders while they’re en route
Officials in Kern County say over 40% of their calls are bogus or don’t warrant a response
The U.S. Indian Academy will leverage Acadis to improve training operations and FLETA Compliance
Calls to 911 for Pinole, Hercules and San Pablo were diverted to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office and transferred to communications centers
AgencyConnect provides a single repository across state certifying authorities, training academies, and local agencies to simplify reporting and provide a comprehensive, real-time view of first responder training and qualifications
Firm assesses analog conventional system used by the university’s police department in project’s first phase to determine performance issues concerning coverage and interoperability
Snohomish County 911 and Valley Com 911 successfully executed a live 911 call re-routing drill on June 5, confirming the vision that has been four years in the making
The Cumberland County Commission also approved applications for grants to fund a rapid DNA testing initiative and to replace protective vests