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Applied Research Associates, Inc. Earns Impressive Score from National Tactical Officers Association

Albuquerque, NM - The Pointman rapid response robot, manufactured by Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA), was recently submitted to the National Tactical Officers Association Member Tested and Recommended Program for assessment and earned an impressive overall score of 4.94 out of 5.

The Pointman underwent rigorous testing by a Florida law enforcement agency for the NTOA Member Tested and Recommended Program assessment. The assessment praised the Pointman for its ease of setup and operation, the short learning curve and the user friendly manual. The Pointman was tested on many difficult obstacles, including up and down stairs, on rugged terrain and in high and low light conditions. Additional praise was given for the quality of video and long-distance transmitting. Pointman received a 5, the highest possible score in eight of nine assessment categories, including performance, quality and versatility.

The Pointman assessment is available for NTOA members on the NTOA website at or by submitting a request to Applied Research Associates (ARA) by telephone at (802)728-4588 or by email to Information about this assessment will be included in the next NTOA e-newsletter and the Pointman assessment will be featured in an upcoming edition of NTOA’s magazine, The Tactical Edge.

The Pointman, a compact, highly mobile reconnaissance robot, was developed by Andy Poulter at ARA’s Rocky Mountain Division. An ideal tool for SWAT and Bomb Team responses, Pointman is currently fielded with law enforcement agencies across the US, and has recently been supplied to Department of Defense units as well. For more information about Pointman, visit us on the web at or call us at (802)728-4588.

About Applied Research Associates, Inc.
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