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Mesa Robotics Announces an Inventory Clearance Sale

Due to an overwhelming response, Mesa has decided to extend its Matilda Robotic Platform Sale until April 30, 2010

Mesa Robotics is giving the First Responder Community a one-time offer for an exceptional robotic platform at an exceedingly low price.
During this current economic environment with increasing concern over present and future operating budgets; local, state, and federal government agencies must increase their focus on providing cost effective solutions to meet their operational priorities. These agencies’ first responders now, more than ever, require cost effective, affordable solutions for their robotic system applications.

Mesa is clearing out the Matilda II inventory and offering an unbeatable price. The system is one-man portable and can be transported in the trunk of a vehicle. The payloads can be changed-out in the field in minutes. Departments that cannot afford the higher priced robots should take advantage of this sale.

The robotic platform is designed for customers that cannot afford all the options or attachments this year but will be able to add-on to their robotic platforms in the future. Matilda is the low cost solution to today’s robotic mission needs and, once purchased, will always be adaptable to tomorrow’s new requirements.

How can Mesa offer such a low price? There is no catch – a low price is being offered to clear the inventory while providing First Responders a great deal. Limited quantities are available.

Once the inventory is gone - so is the offer. Call today!