Four Law Enforcement Agencies in Michigan and Texas Choose CrimeCog Technologies to Manage Law Enforcement Records

Internet-based service offers low-cost, high-security solution for managing and sharing incident, arrest and accident reports and other that can protect citizens and law enforcement officers.

CrimeCog Technologies of Milford, Michigan is installing its law enforcement records in four police agencies – three in Michigan and one in Texas. The sheriff’s departments in Livingston and Cass Counties in Michigan and the police departments in Springfield, Michigan and Shenandoah, Texas will be using the CrimeCog system to manage incident reports, arrest records, crime investigation information and other data used by their officers.

Although other systems can collect and process crime information, the CrimeCog service is unique in the way it both eliminates wasteful re-entering information and allows a single service to handle all information about a crime from the first report through arrest, preliminary incarceration, prosecution, sentencing and parole. Departments maintain complete control of their data and can share selective information without jeopardizing a suspect’s rights or the system’s security.

The CrimeCog service is powered by E*Justice™, a software system developed by $30-billion defense and aerospace company Northrop Grumman. The E*Justice system has been installed in a number of large cities and counties across America since 1997. By creating a way to deliver the benefits of E*Justice through a simple but secure Web browser, CrimeCog Technologies made the powerful system accessible to any police department, sheriff, county prosecutor or state court system for the price of a monthly subscription.

With the addition of Springfield, five law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor in Calhoun County all be using CrimeCog, which will give them the ability to instantly share data on cases and save money by cutting deliveries of printed copies of reports. The agencies are Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department, City of Albion, City of Marshall, City of Springfield and Emmett Township.

CrimeCog Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company in Milford Michigan that has the exclusive U.S. rights to develop and sell access to the E*Justice™ software via Internet connections. The company’s founders and managers have outstanding experience in developing high security, mission-critical data management projects, as well as experience in growing small technology-driven businesses. The company’s board of advisors is led by James Bolger, visiting professor at the School of Criminal Justice at Grand Valley State University and former Deputy Director of the Michigan State Police.

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