Ocean Systems ClearID v2.5, dTective v6.1, and dTective SP2 are Available for Immediate Download

Ocean Systems announces the release and immediate download of ClearID v2.5 and with it we are releasing two new cumulative bundles dTective v6.1 and dTective SP2. These releases allow everyone an easy way to get all the most updated tools from Ocean Systems.

What's New Summary

ClearID v2.5 includes many new features. Here is a summary.

• Real-time preview for Lens and Motion DeBlur, Ultimate Sharpener, Pattern Remover and Frequency Filters
• CID - Import images as a layer stack now hashes the images on import
• Tab 1 – New Split Layer Stack into Fields and keyboard commands for Fields Alignment
• Tab 2 – New Super-Resolution Workflow
• Tab 4 – New interactive color channel picker with more channels & interactive preview
• Tab 7 – The Verification Report has been greatly improved including a thumbnail image

dTective v6.1 This release has all of our updated tools and includes ClearID v2.5 and archive-R v1.0.1.  dTective v6.1 also includes the updates and fixes included in dTective SP2. 

dTective SP2 With SP2, you get an updated DVR dCoder 2.5.3 with improved audio sync.  You also get QT file export that is compatible with the new Avid Media Composer v5.0 AMA direct file access feature.  dPlex Pro has also been updated to dPlex Pro 2.5.1. which includes some small interface upgrades and some internal changes that make it more stable, easier-to-use, and more compatible with 64 bit operating system installation of Vista and Window 7. dPlex 2.5.1, also allows you to work at different dpi (dots-per-inch) settings in addition to the previously supported 96 dpi.  SP2 also includes CID 2.0.2 which has an installer that supports Photoshop CS5.  And lastly, you get the v7.6 training manual for dTective.

Contact us today to learn more: http://www.oceansystems.com/dtective/index.html

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