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Equipping a police officer with all the gear and weapons he or she will need for the job is no small expense. No matter the size of your department, outfitting your officers with everything they need to do the job properly often requires a significant financial investment. Equipment can include guns, radios, body armor, cameras, and the list goes on. Stolen equipment and gear like the bullet proof vest stolen from a Natchez Police officer’s vehicle, or the $1,800 in equipment stolen from an Adair County Sheriff’s Office patrol car, or the gas mask, laptop, vest, GPS, and radio charger stolen from a marked Miami patrol car can add financial hardship on already budget-strained departments. High dollar items such as these are extremely important to an officer and need to be stored safely and securely, but also be easily accessible.

At Estes AWS, part of our mission is to ensure that the equipment you entrust to your officers is protected and stored out of harm’s way. With no storage or locker solutions in the rear of your vehicle, weapons and other valuable equipment are left to move around freely, thus increasing the risk of damage especially during rougher driving conditions. In addition to this, weapons or items left out in the open instead of being stored away in a locking vault are the first to be stolen during a quick smash and grab.

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Estes AWS offers solutions for gear and miscellaneous item storage in the form of our Storage Boxes. These popular storage solutions come in different sizes based on the individual officer’s specific needs and vehicle type and are designed to give as much drawer customization as possible using our divider packages to keep items separated. Utilizing our Storage Boxes to hold all your gear not only keeps it safe and secure, but also keeps it contained and easy to access. An organized storage space will reduce the amount of time an officer needs to locate equipment specific to the task he is doing, providing quick response time in a critical situation.

The most popular product designed and produced by Estes AWS is the Rapid Access Weapon Locker, designed specifically for rifles and shotguns. This high security locker safely stores two long guns with enough space for extra magazines and handguns if desired. Not only do our weapon lockers protect the financial investment made by the department, but they also help protect the communities you serve by keeping your weapons out of the hands of criminals who may break into your vehicles. Estes AWS is perhaps best known for the automated opening technology of our weapon lockers. This feature allows rapid access to your weapons by the push of a button mounted in the vehicle or on the included key fob. This technology proves invaluable in high pressure situations where the deployment of weapons is unavoidable. In these types of circumstances, literally every second matters and can be extremely important in regard to officer and community safety.

In addition to our “box” style weapon locker and gear storage solutions, we also offer “bolt on” accessories that can further enhance the functionality of AWS products. The Auxiliary Drawer bolts underneath either the Weapon Lockers or Storage Boxes and offers extra space to store smaller items such as swabs, test kits, gloves and many other things needed during the day-to-day operations of an officer. The Electronics Tray can be mounted underneath the Auxiliary Drawer or as a standalone tray directly beneath the Weapon Locker or Storage Box. This Tray is the perfect option for storing the electronics in your vehicle as it is vented in the front and rear. The Fence Package bolts in around the top of your Weapon Locker or Storage Box and is an excellent option for open-access storage of bulkier items that you don’t want sliding around the back of the vehicle but will not fit inside a locker.

AWS has you covered when it comes to vehicle gear storage, and you can easily combine several items to create the exact storage solution needed for each individual officer. Contact Estes AWS today and learn more about how Estes AWS products can help protect the financial investments and resources of your department.

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