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LETS needs beta testers for Throw Phone accessory!

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What is it?

A sturdy and sleek case that was built and designed to withstand rough landings, long throws, and any other damage you can think of. The LETS Throw Phone sits perfectly within the embedded foam and whether the suspect opens the case or not, four cameras on each side of the case automatically begin gathering footage of the situation at hand and streaming it to you and your team.

Is it available now?

Not yet! We’re working hard on the case to make it just as reliable as the rest of LETS products, if you’re interested in becoming a beta-tester for the case, contact LETS today.

What does the LETS Case work with?

Rather than having to spend countless and important minutes wiring, plugging, and deploying heavy equipment, LETS came up with a simple solution that fits right in your pocket and has practically no learning curve. The LETS Case is adding to this already amazing solution to clunky and complicated throw phones by making the entire system, even the case that holds the perfectly deployable throw phone, usable for crisis situations.

Crisis negotiator Justin Thompson noted this too in his interview, “With our older system there was a lot of plugging in you had to do and step-by-step instructions that you had to follow, whereas now by using the LETS app, it’s almost as simple as turning on a phone and opening up an app like you do every day on a regular phone.”

LETS Respond is the best and most in-expensive tool for crisis negotiations on the market today. Complete with instant and remote negotiation calling, live audio & video feeds, and full team accessibility, the only thing that completes the Respond system is the throw phone that LETS provides as well.

We’re glad that Thompson is getting so much out of the system he was provided, and know that you can too.