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PoliceOne to Offer Free Active Shooter Courses in Response to Recent Incidents

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SAN FRANCISCO – PoliceOne, the leading online resource for the law enforcement community, today announced that it will be offering free access to active shooter training on its PoliceOne Academy platform in an effort to better prepare departments across the nation to respond to the growing number of incidents nationwide.

“Our mission at PoliceOne is to help officers better prepare and respond to the wide range of threats our communities face,” said Alex Ford, CEO of PoliceOne. “With the growing frequency of active shooter incidents and the recent tragedies like what we saw in Parkland recently and Las Vegas last fall combined with the lack of widely available training, we’re committed to not only providing insight and articles on PoliceOne but also opening up courses on the PoliceOne Academy to help keep our communities safe.”

The course, Active Shooter: Phases and Prevention, covers the mindset and five phases of an active shooter incident, from planning through execution. Proper recognition, prevention strategies, behavioral studies and potential barriers faced by law enforcement are also covered.

“What was unthinkable only a few decades ago is now frequent. The urgency and importance we place on proper training before these incidents occur will make an enormous difference in preventing and responding to these events and, we hope, will ultimately save lives,” said Ford.

The course will be available free of charge for 30 days to all verified PoliceOne members, membership to PoliceOne is also free of charge. The course can be accessed at:

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With more than 660,000 active members, is the leading website in the world for law enforcement. PoliceOne provides law enforcement-specific resources designed to help officers stay safe on the streets and more effectively protect their communities. PoliceOne is the only site to confirm the law enforcement status of all members, creating a trusted and safe community for the exchange and discussion of key law enforcement issues, including breaking news, top products and important officer safety strategies.

About PoliceOne Academy, the leading online resource for the law enforcement community, launched the PoliceOne Academy in 2011 to help departments more efficiently and cost effective deliver training that helps them better protect their communities. With 200 courses and over 1000 short format training videos available, PoliceOne Academy gives departments and officers instant access to training across all devices that advances officers’ performance and helps keep them safer on the streets. Built specifically for law enforcement, PoliceOne Academy offers a robust learning management and reporting system that meets compliance and tracking needs and is accepted for continuing education in 38 states.

To learn more about PoliceOne Academy, visit or call (866) 941-4090.

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