Brazilian Intelligent Analytic Software Announces Product for US Law Enforcement Market

Salt Lake City, UT (March 2015) – 4sec Global, the technological leader among software companies in data analytics and intelligence for law enforcement in Brazil, announced its CaseBoard™ and 4Sight™ product for the US market from their new headquarters in Utah.  ““We help Law Enforcement Institutions prevent crime and catch criminal elements with our Data Analytics and visualization software.  We provide the police with actionable intelligence,” says Andre Camargo, CEO of 4sec. “Like strategies and weapons created and tested in the heat of war, our software was designed and proven in Brazil, under the harshest conditions of data availability and resources, where danger prevailed and success or failure meant the life or death of many."

When asked if the company was prepared to compete in the USA, Mr. Camargo said that “Brazil is the seventh largest economy in the world, with a GDP as large as California.  With 200 million people, it is one of the most difficult markets in the world, especially in data analysis.  The challenges to obtain intelligence faced by companies and institutions in Brazil are often greater than in the USA, yet we have succeeded with flying colors.  We are ready to exceed everyone’s expectations in the USA.” 

Camargo points out the example of the Police Department in Parana, Brazil, which covers an area larger than the State of Washington and has a population of 11 million people, larger than the State of Michigan.  “The State of Parana is a tourist destination,” he says, “with the gigantic Iguaçu Waterfalls on the West, gorgeous beaches on the East, and attractive German and Italian towns.  Because the state borders with Paraguay, trafficking in drugs and weapons is an enormous challenge.  Because elements in Ciudad del Este on the Paraguayan side of the border-- a hub for contraband and illicit activities-- are suspected of ties with Al Qaeda and ISIS, fighting funding of international terrorism is also a priority.  Gang activity in Parana was also a major concern.  We helped the police in Parana in locating suspects with facial recognition and in relocating resources by mapping crime activities.  A significant reduction in criminal activity was the result.”

The success of CaseBoard™ against tax fraud is evidenced by the result obtained for the tax authorities in the State of Sao Paulo.  Productivity of employees increased 80% and tax collections skyrocketed.
The simplicity and user friendliness of CaseBoard™ is highlighted in the use of the software by police departments with limited computer skills.  CaseBoard™ is eminently visual.  Even in complex and multi-dynamic scenarios it is able to provide speed and accuracy sufficient to identify and prevent crime.  Visualization of relationships makes the results easy to understand. The attorney general of one of the most populous states was able to investigate and prosecute complex money laundering schemes by interfacing with the banking system and analyzing the hidden connections and behavioral patterns of criminal groups.

4sec Global is now a Utah LLC that designs, produces, markets and supports the CaseBoard™ software for Data Intelligence and Analytics.  (See   The company is now headquartered in Lehi, Utah.

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