Lincoln, IL Police Dept. Moves Admin Processes Online to Improve Efficiency

Springfield, IL - This police department knew they could find a better way to schedule officers and perform administrative tasks.  They were spending many hours every week to manually enter the schedule and various data that needed to be tracked.  Using a spreadsheet to schedule employees proved not only time consuming but error prone as well.

“We shopped around and demoed several online workforce management software products.  We were looking for something that was feature rich, but easy for our officers to use,” explains
Paul Adams, Chief of Police, Lincoln Police Department, Lincoln, Illinois. “We chose Aladtec because the system is ideal for scheduling, has many other great features, is very user friendly, software updates are free and their tech support is outstanding.”

Adams says his department uses Aladtec’s Forms feature for overtime slips, vehicle work orders and inventory.  Previously these were all paper forms which would be filled out, submitted, reviewed, tabulated and filed.  Now, all these forms are online - which reduces paper costs, reduces processing time and eliminates the chance of misplacing or losing the form.

“We really value the fact that now all our data is in the Aladtec system and is available to review and/or export for analysis.  We can access the system anytime from anywhere since it’s all online.  After implementing the system, I quickly discovered I was saving a large amount of time every week, which allows me to devote time to other work duties,” states Adams.

The Lincoln Police Department also uses Aladtec to track the certifications of their 27 officers. After their certifications are input, the system will notify individuals when a particular certification is about to expire.

“Having a web-based system like Aladtec allows us to stay on the cutting edge rather than dealing with the various problems involved with pencil and paper processes or having to continuously pay for and update an installed software program,” adds Adams. “We are very happy with our Aladtec system and having their tech support staff available, if we need them, has been very helpful.”

About Lincoln Police Department:  Mission Statement - The men and women of the Lincoln Police Department are committed to protecting life, property, and the constitutional guarantee of all citizens. We recognize our responsibility to be fair, just, and to equally protect and serve without regard to race, religion, gender, or culture. With community partnership as our foundation we will strive to enhance the quality of life and create a stronger contract between the police and the community we serve. We will honor the trust placed onto us by holding ourselves to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct and challenge the community with shared responsibility for peace, good order, and law observance.

Located between Bloomington and Springfield, Lincoln  was the first city named for Abraham Lincoln before he became president; he practiced law there from 1847 to 1859.

About Aladtec:
Aladtec provides online employee scheduling and workforce management software to nearly 1,500 organizations, primarily within the Public Safety Sector. These customers count on Aladtec every day to help them save time and improve efficiency.  For information about their affordable industry specific options, or to try a free trial, please visit

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