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Silynxcom secures first order of its new in-ear headset system designed for law enforcement

The new system has been designed to provide improved in-ear communication quality and clarity for encrypted “TETRA” communication systems - commonly used by law enforcement and public safety organizations worldwide

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NETANYA, Israel — Silynxcom Ltd. (NYSE American: SYNX), a manufacturer and developer of ruggedized tactical communication headset devices as well as other communication accessories, today announced that the first order for its latest In-Ear Headset system has been received. The system, tailored to meet the specific requirements of law enforcement organizations that use Terrestrial Trunked Radio (“TETRA”) based communication systems, was successfully tested by a European law enforcement customer that then purchased the system.

TETRA typically presents challenges to radio devices and headset performance quality due to its encryption and digitization protocols.

The new system features an In-Ear Headset and a control box equipped with new technology that provides high audio quality and clarity for communication devices used in TETRA-based encrypted and secure communication systems.

The new Silynxcom headset system is compatible with and integrates seamlessly in a wide range of radio devices utilized by law enforcement agencies globally.

“We are pleased to mark the first order of our new cutting-edge In-Ear Headset system, specially designed for law enforcement and public safety professionals. This innovation represents our unwavering dedication to providing secure, clear and efficient communication solutions that meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement work. We aim to make the new system available to our existing customers while also opening up new avenues to engaging with new government-sector customers and markets“, said Nir Klein, the Chief Excutive Officer of Silynxcom.

About Silynxcom Ltd.

For over a decade, the Company been developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling ruggedized tactical communication headset devices as well as other communication accessories, all of which have been field-tested and combat-proven. The Company’s in-ear headset devices, or In-Ear Headsets, are used in combat, the battlefield, riot control, demonstrations and weapons training courses. The In-Ear Headsets seamlessly integrate with third party manufacturers of professional-grade ruggedized radios that are used by soldiers in combat or by police officers. The Company’s In-Ear Headsets also fit tightly into the protective gear to enable users to speak and hear clearly and precisely while they are protected from the hazardous sounds of combat, riots or dangerous situations. The sleek, lightweight, In-Ear Headsets include active sound protection to eliminate unsafe sounds, while maintaining ambient environmental awareness, giving their customers 360° situational awareness. The Company works closely with its customers and seek to improve the functionality and quality of the Company’s products based on actual feedback from soldiers and police officers “in the field.” The Company’s headset devices are compatible and easily integrate with various communication equipment devices currently being used by tens of thousands of military and law enforcement personnel in leading military and law enforcement units around the globe. The Company sells its In-Ear Headsets and communication accessories directly to military forces, police and other law enforcement units around the world. The Company also deals with specialized networks of local distributors in each locale in which it operates and has developed key strategic partnerships with radio equipment manufacturers.