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The PoliceOne Academy Receives Accreditation from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE, formerly TCLEOSE)

SAN FRANCISCO –, the flagship website of the Praetorian Group, the leading public safety and security online media company, has been approved as a training provider in the state of Texas by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE - formerly TCLEOSE) and will now provide TCOLE mandated training courses online as well as report training hours directly to TCOLE through the Police1 Academy.

TCOLE establishes and enforces standards and regulates all law enforcement training within the state of Texas. As an accredited law enforcement training provider, builds on its reputation as the leading online resource for the law enforcement community and will now be able to create training programs that will fulfill Texas officers’ annual mandated training requirements as well as apply toward general course credits. This will provide another opportunity for law enforcement officers in Texas to attain the 40 hours of required continuing education credits they must complete each year to maintain their peace officer certification.

With TCOLE certification, Police1 will be able to create certified and specialized video courses across a variety of topics for Texas officers to complete, including state mandated training like human trafficking, cultural diversity, special investigative topics and the 3182 Legislative Update. Each course will be delivered through the Police1 Academy, a comprehensive online training and reporting platform that currently offers more than 500 video courses to 125 subscribing departments nationwide.

“We worked closely with TCOLE on our application and as part of that process developed an online option for the state required Legislative Update Course 3182 that all officers in the state of Texas must take to maintain their peace officer license. The course fulfills the two-hour minimum requirement and saves departments’ time, money and resources spent sending officers to the training or bringing instructors in house to teach the course,” said Kisty Fairchild, TCEOSE Certified Training Coordinator for Praetorian Group. “This is especially valuable to rural agencies that do not have a training academy onsite or staff to cover shifts.”

This online training option will also give training supervisors the ability to track training and report training hours directly to TCOLE, as well as reliable record keeping, reducing agency liability.

“We continue to actively seek out new ways to deliver quality training to law enforcement that meets state standards and requirements and will save valuable training dollars. We’re thrilled to have received TCOLE approval. This is something we have been working hard for, and I am very proud of our team and their efforts,” said Alex Ford, CEO of Praetorian Group. “Texas is one of the top states for law enforcement training in the US and it’s a huge milestone for us to be able to provide Texas officers with a next generation resource to meet their specialized training needs.”

The 3182 Legislative Update will be available as of November 5, 2012. Additional TCOLE mandated courses will be available shortly after.

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About the Police1 Academy
The Police1 Academy is the largest online training video library for law enforcement officers, and the first of its kind. With more than 500 video courses in more than 50 categories, the Police1 Academy gives departments’ instant access to training that will advance officer’s performance and help to keep them safe on the streets. The Police1 Academy offers an advanced delivery system that ensures a high quality of streaming along with access to training materials 24/7.

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The mission of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, as a regulatory State agency, is to establish and enforce standards to ensure that the people of Texas are served by highly trained and ethical law enforcement, corrections, and telecommunications personnel.