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Decatur Electronics now offering optional weatherproof solution for G3 police radar antennas


The G3 is the latest generation of the Genesis Radar family.

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SAN DIEGO — Decatur Electronics now has an optional weatherproof solution for their Directional Ka-Band antennas that allows exterior installations. Our weatherproof solution for the G3 police radar antennas is rated to withstand moisture and rain and is designed in all-black for stealthy installations.

For over 65 years Decatur Electronics has pioneered the traffic enforcement industry with a focus on technological innovation, reliability and affordability. Decatur manufactures police radar, speed trailers and signs with one goal in mind: Save lives through speed enforcement while making roads safer.

The G3 is the latest generation of the Genesis Radar family. The G3 is replacing the popular Genesis II Select – save lives without financial pain.

Highlights of the G3 radar:

  1. The G3 is on NHTSA’s Conforming Product List (CPL)

  2. Three-year full warranty

  3. Dual or Single Antenna operation – with optional weatherproof for exterior installations
  4. Fastest Tracking Mode – target acquisition of the highest speed target ahead of the strongest
  5. Cordless Infrared (IR) remote control - Optional Magnet Mount
  6. Directional Ka-Band Doppler radar -Directional target, same target and same direction processing modes are all standard

The weatherproof boot for the antenna is designed exclusively for the Decatur Electronics in-car police radar unit (G3) and it will be supplied as an optional item (part #S795-49-0).

For further information, please follow this link or contact us at (800) 428-4315/

About Decatur Electronics
Decatur Electronics has been working to save lives through speed enforcement since it was founded in 1955 in Decatur, Illinois. Today we are part of the D&K Engineering family. D&K Engineering provides Total Commercialization Solutions for the medical, life sciences, digital & printing and industrial markets, which require products and instruments that have high innovation content and complex manufacturing lifecycles. With over 500 employees globally, 3 locations in USA and international presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Spain, D&K Engineering has been involved in 700+ product realization journeys from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Its employees have been involved in over 500 patent originations.

There’s an old saying that goes, “The sum of the parts is greater than the individual pieces,” and just that, happened in 2018 when both organizations merged and formed a powerful alliance between two market drivers. We are excited for what is to come. Stay tuned.