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TruckVault showcases innovative solutions for public safety drone operations at FLOCON 2024

TruckVault to display the Drone Responder 5, an in-vehicle storage unit designed specifically for public safety drone operations

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AUBURNDALE, Fla. — TruckVault, a leading provider of secure in-vehicle storage solutions, is excited to announce its participation in FLOCON 2024, the premier event for public safety professionals. The event will take place February 20-22 at SunTrax.

FLOCON 2024 brings together agencies and professionals from the public safety sector and showcases the latest technologies and solutions enhancing operational efficiency. TruckVault brings a robust example of its Drone Responder Line: the Drone Responder 5, a cutting-edge in-vehicle storage unit designed specifically for public safety drone operations.

Shane Branham, Southeast Public Safety Manager at TruckVault, emphasizes the importance of tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of law enforcement agencies engaged in drone operations. As a former Law Enforcement Officer himself, Branham understands the intricacies of the field and aims to support agencies by providing customized solutions.

“I’m all ears! Challenge me, and we’ll come up with an idea,” says Branham. “If you don’t ask, you’ll never know what we can do.”

Attendees can visit TruckVault’s booth at FLOCON to experience what Branham calls TruckVault 101. Visitors learn what TruckVault does and discovers how in-vehicle storage solutions maximize operational efforts, contributing to a more organized and efficient workflow.

Notable agencies, including St. Lucie PD, Jacksonville PD, Palm Beach, and federal law enforcement, will be present at FLOCON. Various units from TruckVault, including the Commander Line and Drone Responder Line will be exhibited by other agencies, in addition to the official TruckVault display. Branham mentions the specific features of his own vehicle, equipped with a Drone Responder 5 with HD Table, HDMI Rackmount Monitor, Utility Drawer, and Cargo Trim.

Prospective attendees are encouraged to explore the benefits of using TruckVault units for public safety drone operations. Branham emphasizes, “As a former Law Enforcement Officer, let me help support your drone operations by designing what it is you exactly need—not just a box!”

TruckVault looks forward to engaging with FLOCON attendees and invites them to challenge the team with their unique requirements. Visit TruckVault’s booth and learn how the company can tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of your agency.

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TruckVault has built secure in-vehicle storage solutions over the last 25 years. A leading provider of secure in-vehicle storage solutions, TruckVault offers customized solutions for law enforcement, public safety, and outdoor enthusiasts. With a commitment to quality and innovation, TruckVault’s products are designed to maximize efficiency and security in various industries.