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Innovative New Angel Armor Ballistic Door Panels Engineered to Save Time, Money and Lives


Fort Collins, CO Angel Armor today announced its newest innovative product line of Ballistic Door Panels for law enforcement vehicles that exceeds standards in ballistic protection while delivering the fastest installation in the industry.

Using proprietary technology, Angel Armor’s Ballistic Door Panels are cost-effective, durable, lightweight, and weatherproof. They provide law enforcement with maximum safety and peace of mind, exceeding NIJ IIIA standards for multi-round protection as well as special protection against rounds such as the .45 ACP Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point and 9 mm Luger Federal LE Tactical Hydra-Shok.

Installed inside the door within minutes, Angel Armor’s Ballistic Door Panels protect while adding less than nine pounds to the vehicle door. Installation time ranges from five to fifteen minutes, and each panel is custom fit per vehicle model to ensure a clean install with maximum protection.

“Officer safety is our primary mission,” said Philip Hicks, Director of Business Development for Angel Armor. “Angel Armor’s new Ballistic Door Panels provide the best ballistic protection against the most prevalent threats that officers face in today’s unpredictable environments.”

Continued Hicks, “We also understand that today’s budgets require cost-effective solutions that reduce time to install. You should never compromise safety for efficiency, and with Angel Armor you don’t have to – we deliver both.”

Angel Armor’s Ballistic Door Panels are designed to fit seamlessly into the Ford® Interceptor Utility Vehicle, the Dodge® Charger Pursuit, the Chevy® Tahoe PPV and the Chevy® Caprice PPV. Custom designs are available for other vehicle models as well.

For product inquiries please contact Philip Hicks at 970-999-3015 or

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Angel Armor provides advanced ballistic solutions for heroes who protect our way of life. Angel Armor’s mission is to defend life from threat with revolutionary ballistic protection. With leading-edge protective solutions, Angel Armor seeks to support every person’s right to pursue their mission, passion, and freedom. To learn more about Angel Armor’s Ballistic Door Panels, please visit