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JHB Group launches mobile engagement platform to enhance community policing

The C.O.R.E (Community Outreach Recruitment & Engagement) unit features spaces for meetings, gaming and sports, offering a new option for community policing

By Police1 Staff

LAKE IN THE HILLS, Ill. — The JHB Group has announced the debut of its C.O.R.E (Community Outreach Recruitment & Engagement Unit), aimed at transforming community outreach efforts for law enforcement agencies nationwide.

This mobile engagement platform offers dynamic spaces for meetings, gaming and sports.

The C.O.R.E project, originating from a deep-rooted desire to bridge the gap between the police and community members, introduces a grassroots effort that focuses on building stronger, cooperative relationships. By integrating diverse features tailored to engage various age groups actively, the C.O.R.E fosters an environment of teamwork and understanding between law enforcement officials and the community.

Features of the C.O.R.E.

The C.O.R.E boasts a variety of interactive components:

  • Sports activities: With features like a folding flat and telescoping basketball net and the SpeedZone, which includes a built-in radar to measure the speed of throws, the platform encourages physical participation and friendly competition.
  • Gaming stations: Equipped with popular gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation, these stations offer a relaxed setting for youths to engage with officers.
  • Educational components: The unit also includes immersive safety training systems that simulate various hazard scenarios, from severe weather conditions to emergencies like unattended firearms. These educational tools are designed to enhance community safety awareness effectively.

The design of the C.O.R.E emphasizes ease of deployment and operational efficiency. The lightweight trailer can be towed by standard trucks and managed by a single operator, making it a practical addition to any law enforcement agency’s outreach arsenal.

The deployment of the C.O.R.E has already shown significant benefits in enhancing community engagement and strengthening police-community relations. The Panama City (Florida) Police Department recently integrated the platform into local events and recruitment drives.

“Bringing in the games, the sports, all the interactive things allows us to interact with the community,” Panama City Police Department Captain Chris Taylor told WGHJ-TV News Channel 7.

The Panama City trailer was funded by a grant from the St. Joe Foundation and Bill Cramer Automotive and is equipped with an adjustable basketball goal, a net and radar to clock the speed of a baseball, and 2 PlayStation 5s and 2 Xbox Series Ss.

JHB Group, Inc. is a firefighter-owned and operated small business specializing in custom mobile events platforms for fire, police and military uses. For more details on the C.O.R.E. platform or to inquire about implementing similar projects, visit