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Policing in an era of legal marijuana

In March 2020, Police1 and Louisiana State University conducted an expansive survey capturing law enforcement attitudes toward marijuana use and enforcement. A total of 3,615 sworn LEOs weighed in on a range of topics, from the use of medicinal marijuana off duty to decriminalization. This special report features expert analysis of the survey findings.

A collection of highlights from Police1 and LSU’s expansive survey
Police1 and Louisiana State University (LSU) asked officers from across the country to share their opinions
Appellate courts have split on the issue since marijuana possession was legalized in 2020
Drug detection K-9s that alert to marijuana will not be able to assist in traffic stops as they have in the past, as marijuana possession no longer constitutes probable cause
Several northeast Ohio departments will continue to screen for marijuana, as the law permits employers to bar applicants who use it
The promise of less crime and calls for service that would accompany legalization of marijuana remains unfulfilled
While there is insufficient data to determine the true impact of legalized marijuana on crime, the traffic data offers a clear correlation
Grants that stem from marijuana sales consist of an array of programs
Should the ever-increasing list of states becoming more lenient on marijuana alter our hiring criteria?
As with all high-risk law enforcement activities, training and preparation is essential