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The Legal topic page on Police1 is a must-read for any officer, at any agency, who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest news. Every trial, verdict and court decision that has to do with cops will be covered on this page.

The goal is always to have legally sustainable policy and practice guidelines in place that are supported by officer training
Whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, planning ahead is key to a hassle-free trip when traveling with a concealed carry firearm
Departments and officers should factor in citizen concerns, the U.S. Flag Code and the First Amendment in their decision
The law requires officers to issue a verbal warning for individuals to step back; failure to comply could result in a fine or jail time
A Clark County deputy mistakenly shot and killed off-duty Officer Donald Sahota, who was trying to detain a robbery suspect who showed up at his home and stabbed him
Police Recruitment
The Raleigh Police Department has between 80 and 90 vacancies, while the Durham County Sheriff’s Office has a 37% vacancy rate
Both of the deputies inside the trailer sustained third degree burns in the fire, and Alfredo “Freddy” Flores, 51, died after spending six months in the hospital
“If you don’t want to become Facebook-famous…turn yourself in…If you need a ride, give us a call,” St. Lucie County Sheriff Keith Pearson said during one video
Larry Acree, 70, of Independence, is accused of shooting court employee Drexel Mack, along with two officers who came to the scene, including Cody Allen, who was killed
The lawsuit alleges state troopers did not follow their active shooter training and responsibility to confront the shooter
As AI technology evolves, law enforcement faces new challenges in distinguishing real from AI-generated content; this complexity is reshaping investigative methods and legal frameworks
Stephanie Lazarus, a 25-year veteran detective, was arrested in 2009 for a 1986 murder after DNA from a bite mark on the victim linked Lazarus to the victim’s death
Former Tacoma PD officer Timothy Rankine alleges in the tort claims seeking $47 million in damages that he was falsely accused of criminal and racist misconduct
Former San Diego County Sheriff’s deputy Aaron Russell, who already pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the 2020 fatal shooting, now faces civil rights infringement charges
Myles Cosgrove was dismissed for violating the Louisville PD’s use off force protocols and for not wearing a body camera
Frederick Jackson agreed to be sentenced to 60 years in prison for the fatal shootings of Officer Everett Briscoe and Dyrin “DJ” Riculfy
“If the ultimate sacrifice is made, I want [officers] to know we’re there, standing with you, standing with your families,” Gov. Ned Lamont said
The proposal comes after a Minn. shooting that killed two police officers and a paramedic, where wounded officers were rescued using an armored vehicle purchased in 2008
The measure would have asked voters to “increase and maintain” the number of patrol officers using marijuana tax revenue and cash from the city’s general fund
Police will be able to ticket a driver who is handling their phone for almost any reason; drivers can still use their phone to make calls if they are using it hands-free
The Court ruled that a forfeiture hearing must be timely, but the Constitution does not require a separate hearing about whether police may keep the property in the meantime
Until the law goes into effect in January, workers’ compensation claims must be tied to a physical injury on duty
The move follows similar bans in Colorado and California and rejections of the diagnosis by the American Medical Association and National Association of Medical Examiners
The Court ruled in favor of a man who was arrested in 2018 for standing in his yard, pointing a flashlight at deputies and asking them questions about an arrest in progress
The Atlanta Police Department changed its policy in the wake of the incident, instructing officers not to arrest drivers for refusing to sign traffic citations
The resolutions address concerns that the city of Lancaster’s “Welcome City” ordinance will lead to immigration issues spilling into local communities
Law enforcement agencies first tried to clear the encampment at Auraria Higher Education Center on April 26; when protesters returned to the camp, Denver Chief Ron Thomas stated there was “no legal way” to clear them
Someone acting nervous or attempting to hide can still be “relevant context” for officers, but those actions alone do not constitute “reasonable suspicion of criminal activity,” the Court ruled
The Court ruled that the cost of the measure was misrepresented to voters before the election