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Robert Carlson

Robert Carlson is a firearms instructor for the Memphis (Tennessee) Police Department specializing in active shooter, counterambush and tactical medicine training. He is the lead TECC instructor for the Mississippi National Guard’s Regional Counterdrug Training Academy, providing no-cost training to law enforcement across the country. He has been recognized as an expert in active shooter response by law enforcement. Carlson also owns Brave Defender Training Group and is an IADLEST nationally certified instructor.

This essential technique can mean the difference between life and death, as arterial bleeding can lead to fatal blood loss within minutes
Understanding and implementing the M.A.R.C.H. algorithm is essential for officers to effectively prioritize and manage life-threatening injuries in tactical emergency situations
This phase is characterized by the presence of an immediate, ongoing threat
In this video, learn about critical interventions for preventable deaths in high-risk environments
Uncover the power of accurate skill evaluation to safeguard true competency and minimize risks
In addition to ensuring officers receive proper tactical medical training, a well-written medical plan is vital for appropriate response to potential casualties
During a mass casualty incident, or when EMS isn’t available, survival of the wounded may depend on you