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Slips and Capture

The man is accused of shooting a female officer during a traffic stop
Police say the inmate was found trying to hide in the attic space of a garage
Officials say that the officer survived the shooting and has since retired
NYPD are praising Fla. LE following the arrest of a fugitive accused of killing an off-duty officer 20 years ago
Sheriff also said the FBI had determined Robert Bates didn’t violate suspect’s civil rights
Said in interview that characterizations of him as a wealthy donor who paid to join the force are “unbelievably unfair”
Tulsa County employs about 130 reservists, who are given less training than regular deputies
A sheriff’s deputy who can be heard in a video cursing at a suspect who later died was unaware that a volunteer deputy had shot the man
Robert Bates, an insurance executive who was volunteering on an undercover operation in Tulsa, accidentally shot Eric Harris on April 2