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The two wanted men were captured following a brief pursuit; Idaho State Police said they are now investigating whether the pair had killed two people while on the run
Juvenile Offenders
The inmates, ages 14 and 15, fled after they took a Jenkins County deputy’s 45-automatic handgun and knocked him unconscious with it
An accomplice is suspected of shooting two COs in an ambulance bay to help the inmate escape; a third CO was wounded by a responding officer who mistook the CO for the shooter
Investigators are still trying to determine how the suspect obtained pepper spray; the deputy was in possession of her department-issued pepper spray, stun gun and service weapon after the escape
The inmate was being transported back to the correctional center when he created a disturbance in the back of a cruiser; when the deputy checked on him, he pepper sprayed the deputy
Less than a half-hour after escaping custody, the suspect flagged down a passer-by to call the police so he could turn himself in
Four of the juveniles turned themselves in after the “planned, but poorly planned” escape; five others were captured after a brief pursuit with state police
Yoda, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois, bit convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante on the head as he tried to evade tactical units
Danelo Cavalcante — still armed with a rifle — tried to evade capture by crawling through thick underbrush but was bitten by a K-9
Manhunt for Danelo Cavalcante continues into its second week and a tower officer has been put on leave as part of the escape investigation
Convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante remains at large; he is believed to be hiding in a Pennsylvania neighborhood
According to the report, “in addition to any potential human failures, staffing shortages and pressures, policy deficiencies and ambiguities, and historical internal practices were chief contributing factors”
Christopher Pray was found buried up to the armpits in the pond in Portland
Oregon State Police said Christopher Pray is a “dangerous escapee”
Michael Burham looked “tired and worn-out, as we thought he might” and was dirty and wet, still wearing his jail-issued pants turned inside out
Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy John Durm, 61, died at a hospital following the attack, which police are investigating as an “intentional act of homicide”
Marion County Deputy John Durm was returning the murder suspect to jail when the inmate attacked Durm
Michael Burham, who is also a suspect in a homicide case, used bed sheets to descend the jail’s walls
Alder Alfonso Marin-Sotelo’s sister, Adriana, was charged by the FBI with assisting in his escape
Corey Harrison and three other inmates escaped from the Raymond Detention Center on April 22
Alder Alfonso Marin-Sotelo, who was being held at Piedmont Regional Jail in Farmville, Va., escaped with another inmate
In the sally port, the 22-year-old made a break for it, jumping on top of multiple police cars before scaling wired fencing
Tajze Mullins caused extensive ceiling, electrical and duct work damage to the Area 3 headquarters room
After returning from a bathroom break, Edi Villalobos Jr. bolted out of the courtroom after officers removed his cuffs and shackles
Deputies were transporting the inmate on the 5 freeway when he broke free from the patrol car
Casey White and Vicky White may have planned his escape over the phone, but authorities must listen to each call before making a determination