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The Suspect Pursuit topic provides tips, expert columns, and news related to police pursuits. This topic is aimed at arming officers with the information and technology they need to safely and successfully complete suspect pursuits.

The suspect, who had killed his mother, stole a police cruiser and carjacked bystanders at gunpoint
A suspect crashes into a motorcyclist during a pursuit, then exits his vehicle and attempts to attack the motorcyclist with a knife. Here are eight considerations from this incident
These stories are a shoo-in to get your side aching from laughter
The Feb. 27 pursuit began after a car rammed an unmarked police vehicle during an investigation
“I mean, if you want to get someone over here, now would be a great time,” a helicopter crew officer told officers on the ground as the suspect stopped in a highway median
The suspect escaped from Atlanta and flew to Miami; the same officers who initially pulled him over boarded the plane and arrested him when his return flight landed
The driver was taken into custody after stealing the truck at a gas station and driving the rig with no front tires
The two brothers carjacked a vehicle from a woman at gunpoint; a pursuit was authorized and the King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter was brought in to assist
The King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter monitored two suspects who went on a carjacking spree, giving the Kent Police Department probable cause to initiate a pursuit
The suspect’s truck crossed to the wrong side of the road and hit the cruiser head-on, causing the truck to land on top of the cruiser
An officer landed on the hood of the car when the suspect struck him as she attempted to flee; the officer shot the woman while he was still on the hood of the car
Dash camera video from the Tontitown Police Department shows a cruiser rolling over multiple times after hitting the moving van
“When Corporal Tripp asked him why he fled, [the suspect] stated he thought he could get away with it and that it would be fun,” the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said
After officers stopped the vehicle with a PIT maneuver, several cruisers boxed in the vehicle, leading to an arrest
The man surrendered after initially fleeing police in the USPS truck, but he bit an officer’s hand as he was being arrested
The suspect was traveling at more than 115 mph when he swerved to hit Chief Deputy Ken Prorok; the suspect has been charged with first-degree murder
“[Chief Deputy Ken Prorok] was a husband, father, grandfather, and well-respected leader in his community,” South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley said
After the man jumped into a river to flee from police, a K-9 and a drone were able to track him while troopers followed in a canoe
Trooper Zachary Fink, 26, had served with the Florida Highway Patrol for three years
Fort Worth Police Department officers attempted to stop the driver when he drove the wrong way on a one-way street; the suspect and two pedestrians were injured during the pursuit
When Thurston County Sheriff’s Office deputies began to perform a PIT maneuver, the suspect used his vehicle to ram the cruiser, injuring the two deputies insde
The city of Monona reinstated the police department’s policy that allows officers to pursue in cases where suspects “pose a danger to public safety”
Atlanta PD’s helicopter observed the jail escapee run through a residential area where he attempted to conceal himself inside a garbage can
“There are certain tactics that officers use that we don’t necessarily want everyone, specifically criminals, to know about,” Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes said
Safer, but limited by law, Woodbury police started using StarChase technology in August as part of an initiative to reduce the need for high-speed chases
The incident occurred after the deputy attempted to climb onto the vehicle and stop the suspect from driving away
A Trotwood police officer was inside the cruiser when the suspect’s truck landed on top of it; the officer was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive, the chief said
Virginia Beach officers broke the driver’s window and pulled him out of the car before it became engulfed by flames
“I firmly believe if the driver had exited the vehicle as instructed by the police officers, he would be alive today,” Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said. “Quite frankly, he made the decision that ultimately cost him his life”