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John Demand

Observation on Demand

John Demand is a forty year veteran of law enforcement and corporate security. He has protected high level executives, celebrities and public figures. He realized after attending numerous training programs and seminars that there was little, if anything available to increase critical thinking or observation skills. After a counter terrorism training mission to Israel in 2006 Demand formed Observation On Demand, which is a research and training organization to develop and deliver cost effective and performance based skill development training that can be used “on the street”. He is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University in Behavioral Science and is a graduate of Northwestern University in Police Administration. Demand has published several articles and has built a network of advisors from law enforcement and academia on an international basis to continue this important research and program development.

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When we as police instructors discuss the why of what we do as well as how we do it, greater understanding, trust, and cooperation can be garnered from members of the community
Can you spot the six basic telltale emotions of fear, anger, sadness, happiness, disgust, and/or contempt?
Observation and cognitive skills are the most important assets a law enforcement officer or security professional can possess
Law enforcement and security spend most of their time training on the Decide / Act part of the OODA loop and do not have the skills of Observation or Orientation
Fortunately, there is a simple, three step program which serves to ‘cure’ most of those officers afflicted by this unfortunate, sometimes career-ending affliction
Too many officers have lost their lives due to lack of what I consider to be four core elements of officer safety: Focus, Attention, Situational awareness, and Tempo
Recent brain research has tremendous impact in the way officers can now train and increase the power of their brains