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Lance J. LoRusso

Lance J. LoRusso, a former law enforcement officer turned attorney, has been a use of force instructor for nearly 30 years and has represented over 100 officers following officer-involved shootings and in-custody deaths. Lance also handles media response, catastrophic personal injury, tractor-trailer wrecks, and wrongful death cases. He is the author of “When Cops Kill: The Aftermath of a Critical Incident” and other books focused upon law enforcement and media relations. He is licensed to practice law in Georgia, Arkansas and Tennessee. Learn more about Lance’s practice at

Paramount in the grand jury’s findings was that although the warrant contained a ‘no-knock’ provision, it was not served in that manner
Some officers are being denied their basic constitutional rights, and the ultimate losers will be the citizenry
Thirty-five years ago, Tennessee v. Garner drastically changed the legal landscape concerning the use of deadly force by LEOs, paving the way for a unified standard
The solid bedrock of Graham v. Connor provides a strong foundation for LEOs doing the work few in society are willing to do
If several people commit the same violation, it is a training, supervision, or management problem – agencies must fix the underlying issue
During requalification, cops must be prepared not only for the mechanics and reality of an armed encounter, but also how to properly document and justify use of force
The public needs to understand the benefit of having armed off-duty and qualified retired LEOs around whenever possible