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Sarah Shendy

Sarah Shendy, M.S., is currently a police sergeant with the Case Western Reserve University Department of Public Safety. She was the inaugural director of the Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment. With over 15 years in law enforcement, Shendy is committed to training and recruitment. Because of her cultural and religious knowledge and background in Muslim and Middle Eastern populations, she previously served as a Terrorism Liaison Officer. In 2012, she designed and facilitated training for law enforcement officers and other public service employees on more effective ways to interact with Middle Eastern populations. She also served as a subject matter expert for the Community Diversity and Procedural Justice Committee with the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. Shendy is the first known Muslim Arab-American woman to be a police sergeant in the State of Ohio.

Clarifying the source of common myths and misconception and recognizing our bias is the first step to building bridges and maintaining partnerships
We are judged by the decisions we make during tough times, not when things are easy
The office assists agencies with the recruitment of individuals pursuing an LE career with a special focus on minority and women applicants