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Vance “Fox” Rosen

Fox on Point

Lieutenant Vance ‘Fox’ Rosen serves as a member of a metropolitan county police department. He brings nearly two decades of public safety experience to his writing, having gained his knowledge serving in patrol, criminal investigations, training, detention, dispatch, and SWAT as both an entry team member, as well as a sniper. Vance holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Georgia Southern University in Criminal Justice, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Columbus State University. He is a graduate of the Georgia Law Enforcement Command College.

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OODA loop tests are administered by the police gods on every single call to which we respond and every stop or encounter we initiate
Our training should be designed to simulate — as closely as possible — real-life encounters
Let’s take a page from the old IBM playbook and let our troops — and their families — know how much we appreciate them
If we want professional, well-trained, courteous officers with good attitudes, then we must demonstrate those attributes ourselves
Often we fail to give the big picture to our subordinates and instead guide each and every phase of an operation
I’m a big fan of controlling all the variables in a fight that I can, but if I turn on the lights, the suspect and I are on equal footing
Ask your officers where they get their authority from and you’ll get a variety of answers — not all (or even many) of them good