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Video: Calif. sheriff’s helicopter delivers medicine to man trapped at snowed-in home

Fresno County’s EAGLE One Search and Rescue deputies did a low-level air drop after firefighters were unable to reach the house

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Fresno County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

By Bryant-Jon Anteola
The Fresno Bee

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. — A Fresno County man in need of medicine but trapped at his home in Huntington Lake because of heavy snowfall received quite a special delivery.

After getting the much needed medicine, deputies with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue used a helicopter to fly to the man’s home, which was covered in snow.

A vehicle parked near the man’s house also was blocked by several feet of snow.

Huntington Lake, along with many other towns in Fresno County foothills and the Sierra Nevada range, were hammered by snowfall over the past week.

The snow even left many mountain residents isolated and without electricity.

Nonetheless, an air support team on the Search and Rescue helicopter managed to execute a low-level drop of a bag with the man’s medicine inside as part of the delivery service, which allowed the man to collect the medication from the ground.

“The mission was a success,” the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office said.

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