Video: Should cops be trained in neck restraints?

In this week’s Video Tactical Tip, we’re doing something a little different. The below video is NOT a demonstration on “how to” apply a neck restraint — it’s my friend Dan Marcou’s opinion on the technique. During ILEETA 2012, I asked Dan to discuss this matter on video, and use me as his demonstration model as he sought fit.

As we put this particular item into production, Dan asked me to include the following statement:

“No one watching this video should consider themselves trained in neck restraints by simply watching this video. These powerful techniques do not become powerful unless you are properly trained by a qualified instructor. This would include a classroom presentation as well as extensive practice with the techniques hands on. The longest existing train the trainer course is available through the National Law Enforcement Training Center.

“I am in no way affiliated with them. I am just a cop, who came from a generation that knew the techniques' worth and feels strongly that every officer in a tight spot should be trained in the use of lateral vascular neck restraints and have these tools available to them.”

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