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Terrence P. Dwyer, Esq.

Police Liability and Litigation

Terrence P. Dwyer retired from the New York State Police after a 22-year career as a Trooper and Investigator. He is a tenured professor of legal studies at Western Connecticut State University and an attorney consulting on law enforcement liability, disciplinary cases, critical incidents, and employment matters. He is the author of “Homeland Security Law: Issues and Analysis,” Cognella Publishing (2024).

A look at the nuances of free speech related to threats, standards for home entry, use of force and qualified immunity, and evolving regulations on firearms
Some of those who espouse fair and impartial policing toward the public seem to ignore this fundamental right when overseeing matters impacting police officer rights
Rising incidents of recruit injuries and deaths highlight need for training reforms
It is worthwhile for police administrators to periodically review these agreements and for individual officers to have read and understood their roles in these efforts
Police1 columnist Terry Dwyer addresses key considerations around the collection and dissemination of information
Two Colorado prosecutions of officers for failing to intervene illustrate what makes a prosecutable case
Municipalities must keep in mind that negligent hiring claims are a viable means for injured plaintiffs to seek compensation
The presence of officers at a scene where two EMS workers interacted with a patient who subsequently died necessitates a discussion about the special relationship exception to municipal liability
This is a complicated area of law that deserves greater treatment in training curricula
There were several noteworthy cases from the past term pertaining to law enforcement officer liability for alleged constitutional violations