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Officer Misconduct / Internal Affairs

The Officer Misconduct / Internal Affairs topic area features news, training and information related to cases involving potential or perceived law enforcement misconduct.

Court rules that jury could find officer’s application of a knee to a mentally ill subject’s back beyond that necessary to control him
Some of those who espouse fair and impartial policing toward the public seem to ignore this fundamental right when overseeing matters impacting police officer rights
By effectively addressing serious misconduct, regulatory investigations contribute to the safety of officers and community members alike
Former Tacoma PD officer Timothy Rankine alleges in the tort claims seeking $47 million in damages that he was falsely accused of criminal and racist misconduct
City officials have selected an analytics firm to monitor information such as overtime, patterns of calling in sick, arrest records and off-duty work in search of outliers
“We conclude the Due Process Clause does not require a more exacting and rigid pre-termination process than what [Former officer Erik] Andrade received,” Justice Brian Hagedorn stated
Luther Hall was walking back toward police headquarters following a protest in 2017 when his uniformed colleagues ordered him to put up his hands and get on the ground
Sgt. Thomas Fry faces felony charges after admitting to taking three duty firearms from the Dallas Police Department
The officer, who is still with the department but was demoted to a position that separated him from his K-9 partner, alleged that he was called names, maligned by false rumors and retaliated against by department leaders
An ordinance prohibiting pretextual stops is among the reforms that have been nullified by the new state law
The ruling came after Gerald Goines’ lawyers argued prosecutors had used the underlying charge of tampering with a government record to indict him for murder
Patrick James Berhan allegedly enlisted his girlfriend to take online college classes in his name in order to receive a pay bump and advertised her cheating service to other officers
Chasen Bradford, a former professional baseball player, was booked into Henderson Detention Center on one misdemeanor driving under the influence charge
District Judge Tom Lee called the ex-officers’ actions “egregious and despicable” and gave near-maximum sentences to five of the six men who attacked Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker in January 2023
The decision is the latest step in a legal battle between the city and the police union, which advocated for officers to have choice in how their cases should be decided
Former Rankin County Sheriff’s Office deputy Hunter Elward was sentenced to 241 months in prison for participating in the racially motivated assault of two men and a separate assault of another man
Sgt. Brian E. Hussey said his First Amendment rights were violated; the judge stated the Cambridge PD had a right to restrict speech that would damage public trust
Dash camera video supplied by the driver appears to show the Meriden Police Officer get out of his car, threaten the driver with a ticket and hit him in the face
The woman said that she hit the officer on purpose; the officer sustained a broken leg and other injuries
The report details several alleged instances of the chief aggressively confronting officers, including an incident that led to a physical altercation during a DUI traffic stop
Bradley Beach police Chief Leonard Guida can be seen on body camera video grabbing an officer’s jacket as the officer worked a crash scene, leading to a brief physical altercation
Randy Roedema’s attorneys are expected to challenge the joining of Roedema’s trial with that of one of the other officers in the case along with alleged errors in jury instructions
Chief Michel Moore and an internal LAPD review board found the officer, Oswaldo Pedemonte, had broken from policy when he drove into the knife-wielding suspect at a slow speed
Two officers and a police trainee were taking a break when a “priority one” call came in; the police trainee recalled that he was trying to prove himself and said he was “always ... ready to go” but that his training officer “didn’t move hastily”
Ex-Columbus officer Jason Meade was charged with murder and reckless homicide for fatally shooting Casey Goodson Jr.; Meade testified that Goodson pointed a gun at him before the shooting
LeRonne Armstrong was fired in February of 2023 over a misconduct probe; the city has not had a permanent chief since his firing
The files were made public based on a judge’s order from Nov. 2, the same day former officer Desmond Mills Jr. pleaded guilty to federal charges
During a firearms training session, the instructor fired a weapon he did not realize was loaded, hitting a recruit’s ballistic vest; he then discussed covering up the incident
Former officer Christopher Schurr had appealed to have murder charges against him dropped, saying that his shooting of the suspect was within department policy