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Officer Misconduct / Internal Affairs

The Officer Misconduct / Internal Affairs topic area features news, training and information related to cases involving potential or perceived law enforcement misconduct.

Trooper Michael Proctor’s suspension due to inappropriate text messages serves as a stark reminder that anything written can become public and impact a case
Court rules that jury could find officer’s application of a knee to a mentally ill subject’s back beyond that necessary to control him
Some of those who espouse fair and impartial policing toward the public seem to ignore this fundamental right when overseeing matters impacting police officer rights
"[Policing] requires public trust. It cannot be effective if the people being served have doubts about our officers’ motivations, conduct, or character,” Mayor Bruce Harrell said
According to court documents, former Sangamon County Deputy Sean Grayson shot an unarmed woman in the face after she called 911 to report an intruder
The Tarboro police officer also issued an apology, saying he realized that his “words were not only inappropriate but also deeply offensive to many of you”
During Karen Read’s murder trial, Trooper Michael Proctor testified about derogatory messages he sent that were deemed in violation of department policies
One officer was texting when he accidentally fired his gun through the wall of his condo; another was showing a gun to a coworker when he fired it through his cruiser windshield
“Officer indifference may have compromised the awareness, planning and response to Brooklyn Day prior to the large crowds arriving,” department leaders wrote in the report
“We do believe this resignation by the chief is in the best interest of the well as for Chief Balderrama and the families involved,” Mayor Jerry Dyer stated
Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD videos show the arrestee asking other officers to search the arresting officer for cash; about $900 in cash was found in the patrol vehicle
Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel was alleged to have promoted an officer who was the subject of a misconduct complaint at the same meeting where the complaint was raised
One officer remains on the force, who has been appointed interim police chief
The termination stemmed from an altercation over the disposal of dog bones at a condominium complex
Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel is on administrative leave for mishandling a police major’s sexual harassment complaint against another major, the mayor said
K-9 Ayke, who is the subject of an internal affairs investigation after biting an officer at a crime scene, has bitten more people than any other dog with the department
The officer shot a driver with his department-issued firearm in a road rage confrontation in New Jersey, then fled the scene
The city of Fort Lupton and town of Platteville, which together employed the three officers sued in the 2022 crash, will each pay half of the settlement
L.A. voters will decide whether to give the police chief power to immediately fire an officer for serious misconduct, along with other possible changes to the disciplinary process
The Department of Investigation found that, among other issues, officers were not prevented from accessing their phones and using them to distribute test questions
Okaloosa County Sheriff Eric Aden said former deputy Eddie Duran’s life was not in danger at any point during the interaction and that he should not have fired his weapon
Former Newark officer Jovanny Crespo was sentenced to 20 years for aggravated manslaughter and seven years for aggravated assault after shooting into a fleeing vehicle
Former Tacoma PD officer Timothy Rankine alleges in the tort claims seeking $47 million in damages that he was falsely accused of criminal and racist misconduct
City officials have selected an analytics firm to monitor information such as overtime, patterns of calling in sick, arrest records and off-duty work in search of outliers
“We conclude the Due Process Clause does not require a more exacting and rigid pre-termination process than what [Former officer Erik] Andrade received,” Justice Brian Hagedorn stated
Luther Hall was walking back toward police headquarters following a protest in 2017 when his uniformed colleagues ordered him to put up his hands and get on the ground
Sgt. Thomas Fry faces felony charges after admitting to taking three duty firearms from the Dallas Police Department
The officer, who is still with the department but was demoted to a position that separated him from his K-9 partner, alleged that he was called names, maligned by false rumors and retaliated against by department leaders
An ordinance prohibiting pretextual stops is among the reforms that have been nullified by the new state law