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Defensive Tactics Training by Dan Marcou

In this series, Lt. Dan Marcou shares some of the defensive tactics techniques that helped him prevail on the street. Articles present a variety of defensive tactics in a format that allows the reader to follow the instructions and practice the technique.

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Sankyo is a versatile technique that can be used as a come-along, takedown or control hold on a non-compliant suspect
Becoming proficient at the lost art of empty hand control is within your grasp if you have patience and commitment
Use this technique when a suspect won’t give up their arms for handcuffing
A technique for lone officers who meet resistance on the road
This technique is so named because of the ease at which you can place a person under arrest in a position to be handcuffed and controlled
Having a toolbox filled with effective tools to instantly stop and/or discourage resistance can de-escalate many a situation
Learning to apply this hold short of pressure also means it can be used as a tactically superior escort hold
These techniques can’t be learned through casual viewing or assimilation. They can only be learned and maintained through repetition
I found this technique very effective during one-on-one physical struggles to handcuff
Any impact used to thwart a suspect from taking your firearm must be done with all the power you can muster
It is imperative that officers who find themselves the victim of such an assault be able to escape quickly