Defensive tactics training: The elbow strike is a match for the snatch

Any impact used to thwart a suspect from taking your firearm must be done with all the power you can muster

Having been an active street cop for the entire 33 years of my police career, as well as an active police trainer for 43 years, in this 12-part series I have shared some of the defensive tactics techniques that helped me prevail on the street. The series presents a variety of defensive tactics in a format that allows you to follow the instructions and practice the technique. Remember practice makes prepared.

One of the most dangerous holds a suspect can apply to an officer is to establish a hold on your holstered weapon with an intent to disarm. One preventative measure you can take to give yourself some time in this situation is to have a secure holster. This will not necessarily defeat the assault, but it will most likely delay the weapon snatch. The existing security of your weapon offered by the holster can be re-enforced by locking it down with the available hand.

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