Defensive tactics training: Escape from front strangle

The one or two-handed front strangle is a common murderous assault launched by aggressors

Having been an active street cop for the entire 33 years of my police career, as well as an active police trainer for 43 years, in this year-long series I plan to share some of the defensive tactics techniques that helped me prevail on the street. I will present a variety of defensive tactics in a format that allows you to follow the instructions and practice the technique. Remember practice makes prepared.

It goes without saying that by training in self-defense techniques beyond the academy, the life you save may be your own. However, you could also say that the life you save may be the suspect’s as well.

I can say this honestly, because on one particular occasion on the street I was attacked by multiple attackers, and, during this attack, I used a number of trained techniques to save my life, including this technique I am showing you today.

When the attack was defeated, I won, and the four out of five suspects (one prudently ran after I back-fisted him, during the assault), who were arrested knew they had lost the fight. Because of the threat posed in this particular case, I could have been justified in shooting some or even all of these attackers. However, because I still had viable pre-trained, less than lethal options available to me, I did not even consider the use of deadly force.

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