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Trending Topics: When a police station is targeted

By Police1 Staff

With the recent rise in anti-police sentiment, cops need to stay vigilant now more than ever and be prepared for targeted attacks. Take a look at these five instances in which suspects carried out attacks inside police stations and add your thoughts in the comments.

Man throws bricks at Kan. police headquarters, gets TASERed

Man yelled profanities, threw bricks through windows and demanded that police shoot him.

Attack on Dallas police HQ: Audio, video captures scene

Police radio traffic and a video taken by a bystander captured the harrowing response to the assault.

Gunman in LA police station shooting wanted to be cop

Man walked about 25 feet to the front desk, said “I have a complaint” and opened fire.

Machete-wielding man TASERed in police HQ

Suspect entered the station and asked for an officer by name.

Tense police station standoff caught on body camera

Officer was in the station when a man entered sporting a cut to the neck and carrying a knife.