Photo of the Week: Aussie posse

This week's photo comes from David Jamieson of the Hurstbridge Police in Hurstbridge, Australia. He writes:

"We are lucky here so far - only had small fires. Biggest one was only 100 acres. As you can see in the photos, everything is very dry. 150 miles east is a different story - we are sending people all over to assist with evacuations.

Recent weeks here have been pretty hot. There has been the odd fire or two. A number of days have been 120F and some locals have struggled. I found this baby ringtail possum in the middle of the road, poured water on him and gave him a drink. He climbed up on my shoulder before I walked him over to a tree and he jumped off. Photo was taken at 7:30pm and it was still 108F - a real nasty day to be out and about."

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