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International law enforcement

The International Law Enforcement topic provides American law enforcement with police news from around the world, focusing on the latest developments in criminal syndicates, drug cartels, organized crime, and international terrorism. It also follows significant developments and events in other countries and explores how cops in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America enforce their laws.

The role of police in the Holocaust spurs an international group of law enforcement leaders to create hate crime and bias training
After implementing new de-escalation strategies, use of force incidents fell by nearly half in Volusia County
Gardone Val Trompia modernizes video surveillance in city’s Mella Park
The delegation was near the Gaza strip for counterterrorism and antisemitism training when the Hamas attacks began Saturday
The change is necessary because it is taking officers away from their core responsibilities of fighting crimes, the Met chief said
The news of the nation’s largest-ever drug seizure comes on the heels of the Feb. 24 movie release of “Cocaine Bear,” about a drug runner’s plane crash
The previous height requirement for female officers joining Spain’s police force was set at 5 feet 3 inches tall
Some 9,000 law enforcement officers in 18 countries around the world were involved in the operation
A fourth officer was wounded
Const. Marc Hovingh, a 28-year veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police, was killed while responding to a call