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Jackie Spresser was one of 22 female officials selected to work the Winter Olympics
It’s not easy balancing Olympic dreams with being a cop, but Officer Jean says it’s all about a strong mindset
No matter how professional, well-equipped, and committed Vilayat Dagestan is, attacking the Olympic Games will be no easy task
Det. Jamie Huntley-Park may not have been there in body, but she was in spirit
When she’s not on the ice, Justine Todd works as a use-of-force instructor in Ontario
Biles said the officer “felt bad” and would have accepted Olympic training as a good excuse for speeding
When she’s not chasing Olympic glory, Mulern Jean works as a school resource officer in South Carolina
School Resource Officer Mulern Jean is training to represent Haiti in the 100-meter hurdles at the 2021 Summer Olympics
After being permanently sidelined due to a serious knee injury, Nikki Kubes went after another goal: becoming a police officer
A police officer has died after being shot in the head when he and two others working security at the Rio Olympics got lost and encountered gunfire
The plot was announced by authorities on Thursday when 10 Brazilians were arrested in different states of Brazil