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There is nothing quite like a cop’s sense of humor. The Police Humor topic page offers all manner of cop humor — from funny police videos to weird police news and even police jokes — that we hope will bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your voice. We’re proving that the phrase “You can’t make this stuff up” is actually untrue. We can make this stuff up, and we hope you get a good laugh from the effort.

“If I can help one person, then I have accomplished my mission.”
We know you’ve probably already received a fair share of advice from your FTO, but we asked our Police1 readers for some additional guidance – with a twist
Take a minute to sit down, relax and laugh a time (or two) while watching a roundup video of our top 15 favorite responses from Police1 readers
Officers from multiple departments were able to surround and stop the suspected thief, who told them he was signaling that they weren’t supposed to pursue him
The video has more than a million views on Facebook and more than 3,000 comments
Watch the video to see how he faired and if he should stick to his day job
“Sometimes a call can really get your goat,” the Enid Police Department stated
“We see strange things in our line of work, but that’s toward the top for sure,” Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Richards said
Each year, hundreds of thousands of fans show their appreciation for the films on May 4th
When the chief takes all the dispatchers to lunch in celebration of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, someone has to answer the radio!
An officer drove to the customer’s house a couple of blocks from the crash scene and delivered the order