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Terrorism Prevention and Response

Because American cops are on the front lines in counterterrorism, the Terrorism Prevention and Response topic page is updated with news and information to protect the homeland from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Our government built its public warning systems around AM radio because it’s the most reliable form of communication if disaster strikes
On Sept. 11, 2001, Dave Gallart was a 37-year-old father of two, assigned to the NYPD’s Highway Patrol; this is his story of survival on that nightmarish morning
Thirty-seven Port Authority Police officers and K-9 Sirius died during the attacks on the World Trade Center; Lt. David Lim was one of 14 who survived the collapse of the North Tower in stairwell B
The FBI arrested the 18-year-old after he made a social media statement about “respond(ing) to the call to the caliphate by killing Jews and Christians”
“If you have excess law enforcement protective equipment, my office will collect them and ship it to the Israel Defense Forces,” the AG said in a letter to all 123 Va. sheriffs
The delegation was near the Gaza strip for counterterrorism and antisemitism training when the Hamas attacks began Saturday
Bradley Saunders, an executive at Morgan Stanley, found himself at the foot of the World Trade Center following an early meeting on 9/11. The events he witnessed that day catalyzed a profound shift in his career trajectory
Kaczynski conducted a 17-year bombing campaign that killed three people and injured 23 others
“It is incredible the amount of drugs being seized at the border.”
With lawmakers in limbo, I’m betting on cops and communities to win the fight against radicalization
The deadly bombing killed six people and injured more than 1,000 — becoming a harbinger of terror at the twin towers
One of the officers attacked suffered a fractured skull and severe injuries that required internal and external stitches
Federal funding for law enforcement in 2023 will focus on reducing violent crime, combatting drug trafficking and protecting democratic institutions
Apple TV+ unveiled the trailer for “Operation: Tradebom,” the nine-part series that details the initial arrival of terrorism to America
The suspect “specifically traveled to New York from Maine in order to begin carrying out his crimes of murder of government officials”
Trevor Bickford landed on law enforcement radar earlier in December after family members reported his radicalization
The suspect was interviewed by the feds last month after his mother alerted authorities she was worried about his plans to go to Afghanistan, possibly to join the Taliban
Authorities are investigating whether a man who attacked three officers was inspired by radical Islamic extremism
“Landmark case [could] change the landscape of public safety for future generations.”
The group was arrested following a standoff and altercation with GBI agents and Atlanta police officers at the planned site of a new police training center
The suspect, who was armed with a 13” knife, was stopped and shot by officers on his way to kill police officers at random
Public safety leaders reflect on the 21st anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks and the legacy of 9/11 in the emergency services
With America facing a growing number of extremist threats, effective police online surveillance using open-source intelligence sources can foil attacks and save lives
While the report covers many areas of improvement, one devastatingly important factor current LEOs should consider is the need to share intelligence and information
This DHS-sponsored event aims to strengthen urban first response to evolving threats in day-to-day operations and during larger-scale emergency incidents
The advanced tech lets K-9s detect even more substances than their noses can
Members of the Border Patrol’s elite tactical team – the Border Patrol Tactical Unit – responded to the shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, where they found and killed the gunman
Removing the groups from the list rescinds a range of sanctions that the designations had entailed
Working on a program to address domestic terrorism or violence prevention? This grant program could help