NJ lawmakers want inquiry into police handling of diabetics

State Police currently being sued by man in diabetic shock who was wrestled to ground

By Christopher Baxter
New Jersey Star-Ledger

NEW JERSEY — Several New Jersey lawmakers, including the Assembly speaker, said they will investigate how State Police troopers and other police officers are trained to recognize and handle victims of diabetic shock and how to improve their instruction.

The expressions of concerns were prompted by an article in the Sunday Star-Ledger about how troopers wrestled a Pennsylvania man to the ground after failing to recognize he was suffering from diabetic shock.

The man, Daniel Fried, who said he sustained a broken wrist as well as cuts and bruises, is suing the State Police for damages in federal court.  In court documents, the troopers said they received no special training in identifying and helping people in diabetic shock, and did not see a medical alert bracelet or know to check for it even though about 1 in 10 New Jersey residents suffer from diabetes. 

Full Story: N.J. officials call for investigation into police treatment of diabetic shock victims

Watch the dashcam footage of the incident:

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