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Utah police give tips to help kids spot fake cops

After an incident in which a man impersonating a cop assaulted a young girl, police are warning kids what to look for

By Haley Smith

KEARNS, Utah — In the wake of an 8-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by a man accused of impersonating an officer, police are warning parents to teach their children how to tell the difference between a real cop and an imposter.

The Unified Police Department offered a few simple tips for parents to discuss with their children as they search for a man accused of sexually assaulting a young girl while she walked home Monday.

“They’re going to have an I.D. saying they’re an officer for whatever agency he or she works for,” said UPD Det. Ken Hansen. “Even if they’re undercover, they’re going to have that identification.”

People can always call police to confirm an officer’s identity as well, he added. But the bottom line is that most undercover officers won’t approach kids.

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