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In foot pursuits, are you a Shepherd, Border Collie, Bloodhound, Pointer, or a hybrid?
To win these encounters, it is good to look at these real world-obstacle courses as a seven-stage event
The suspect, who had killed his mother, stole a police cruiser and carjacked bystanders at gunpoint
Dash camera and helicopter videos show the Tesla speeding away recklessly, driving the wrong way in traffic and nearly striking a pedestrian
While in the Homeland Security SUV, the suspect heard agents found a hidden phone; he then said, “This is not going to go good for me,” got into the driver’s seat and drove away
The man stole the Paris Police chief’s cruiser, then led officers from multiple agencies on a pursuit before he crashed the cruiser and fired at officers
After the suspect ditched a stolen vehicle, a Centralia police K-9 tracked him near a river and a drone pilot spotted him running with a kayak
The suspect, a former Yakima police officer and SRO, was wanted in the killing of two women and the kidnapping of his 1-year-old son
Helicopter footage shows the bus striking multiple vehicles during the pursuit and crossing onto the wrong side of a road
After the truck pushed through cruisers attempting to box it in, the driver led deputies on a 2-hour pursuit followed by a 45-minute standoff before he was arrested
Under the previous law, officers were only allowed to pursue a driver if they had “reasonable suspicion” that someone in the car had committed certain violent crimes
“You won’t have your car anymore, and you won’t have the opportunity to run and endanger others’ lives,” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said
The pursuit, which involved a CHP helicopter and several ground units, ended after spike strips were deployed and police vehicles surrounded the suspect in the stolen truck
The Moore Police Department officer plowed through wooden slats in order to arrest a suspect who was fleeing a traffic stop
Former Newark officer Jovanny Crespo was sentenced to 20 years for aggravated manslaughter and seven years for aggravated assault after shooting into a fleeing vehicle
The escaped inmate fled when Lady Lake police officers arrived at the woman’s house; he ran a short distance before turning around and giving himself up
In the first incident, a man threatened a woman before kidnapping her child; the next day, another suspect held a man at knifepoint when he was confronted by officers
“This is why we stop these folks,” Sgt. Amar Gandhi. “These are dangerous folks, and who knows what they were going to do”
The officer who was shot at by the suspect pursued him for several minutes despite being wounded by broken glass; the suspect was later found and arrested
An officer in a police SUV eventually performed a low-speed maneuver, causing Lopez to lose control of the bicycle and fall
The off-duty Pasco Police Department officers witnessed the crash and pursued the suspect while in Spokane for a leadership conference
Seattle PD used a terminator device to flatten the tires of the suspect’s stolen vehicle; the suspect fled on foot was later found hiding in a dumpster by a K-9 unit
Florida Highway Patrol and Miami-Dade Police Department officers had to jump into the lake to rescue and arrest the woman after she refused to be lifted up by a rope
One Columbus Police Department officer was shot, prompting other officers to return fire
The suspects continued to flee after the car was struck by Columbus Police cruisers multiple times
The Santaquin Police Department officer killed in the incident has been identified as Sgt. Bill Hooser, a “top notch officer” who died “doing what he loved”
Bystander video captures the moment the suspect exchanged gunfire with Paris Police Department officers before climbing into a patrol car and driving away
Six stolen vehicles were reportedly stopped over a period of two weeks in April thanks to the device
Paramedics were still in the ambulance when it was stolen and had to bail out of the vehicle as the suspect fled