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Vehicle Incidents and Issues

The Vehicle Incidents and Issues topic deals with issues related to specialized patrols like motorcycle units as well as vehicular risks and challenges to LE, including vehicle crashes involving police and vehicular assaults against officers.

After making a citizen’s arrest of a drunk motorist, an Uber driver (and former cop) is arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer
A squad car can feel like a little bubble of safety, but it’s not
Each stop brings inherent risks and practicing and mentally rehearsing strategies to enhance safety is one of an officer’s most essential responsibilities
Jemarcus Williams received the maximum sentence of 16 to 40 years for two counts of DUI resulting in death in the 2023 incident
“[The trooper] amazingly didn’t end up with any broken bones, but she still has a long road to recovery,” Virginia State Police said in a Facebook post
The Bernanillo County first responders were returning from conducting firefighting operations in July 2022 when the helicopter entered a descent and crashed
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“You won’t have your car anymore, and you won’t have the opportunity to run and endanger others’ lives,” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said
The man exited the car and started pouring oil in the lobby, attempting to ignite it, before Martin County deputies subdued him with a TASER
As the deputy was driving through an intersection, the cruiser was struck by another car, causing it to roll over
Whether it’s a compact car for fuel efficiency or an SUV equipped for tactical operations, each police vehicle type serves a unique role within the broader mission of public safety and law enforcement
The incident occurred after the driver reportedly brandished a gun at a tow truck driver
Warwick Police Chief David Shoemaker was assisting a sergeant with a traffic stop when the driver involved in the stop hit Shoemaker with his car twice
The officer had been working a security detail around 3:30 a.m. when a man approached her vehicle and managed to get inside
The Key West Police Department stated that the suspect drove to the college “with the specific intent of killing two individuals”
The driver initially stopped for LAPD officers before speeding off and crashing, causing the driver to launch hundreds of feet from the vehicle
Officer Daniel Skenadore followed a driver who had reportedly brandished a gun at a 911 caller; the driver got out of the car and pointed a handgun at the officer
The driver fled a traffic stop before turning around, driving the wrong way on a freeway and ramming two cruisers and an officer, who died at the scene
The officer had strategically positioned his vehicle to shield pedestrians from the ATV
Photographs provided by the police bureau show police cars in flames, including one next to a large propane tank
The truck failed to yield and struck Officer Russell Croxton’s marked patrol vehicle and another vehicle
“The wealth of knowledge that [Sgt. Ian Taylor] brought to the Billerica Police Department was boundless...” Billerica police stated. “Ian dedicated his life to helping others and saved countless lives in the process”
Video released by state police shows the trooper was walking between his cruiser and the metal beam guardrail as a driver approached from the center lane and lost control of his vehicle
The man’s vehicle slammed into Officer James Muhlbauer’s patrol car, killing him and his K-9 partner Champ; the impact caused the cruiser to strike and kill Jesse Eckes, a pedestrian
Deputy John Coddou, 50, was a 20-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and “a public servant through and through”
Oakland Police Department Officer Jordan Wingate, who was voted “Rookie of the Year” in 2018, medically retired two years after the crash; he succumbed to his injuries on April 20
LASD deputies were stopped behind the suspect’s vehicle at an intersection when he reversed into a cruiser at high speed
Paramedics were still in the ambulance when it was stolen and had to bail out of the vehicle as the suspect fled