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Arrests & Sentencing

Bass Reeves, a U.S. deputy marshal in the western district of Indian Territory, took a warrant to arrest his son after he shot and killed his wife
These stories are a shoo-in to get your side aching from laughter
The Court of Appeals determines whether a traffic stop resulted in a de facto arrest or was simply an investigatory detention
“Today’s sentencing of 291 years serves as a ... testament to the unwavering commitment of the justice system to hold perpetrators of such atrocities accountable,” Burke County Sheriff Alfonzo Williams stated
Bridgewater College Officer John Painter and Campus Safety Officer J.J. Jefferson were friends who were known on campus as the “dynamic duo”
The suspect escaped from Atlanta and flew to Miami; the same officers who initially pulled him over boarded the plane and arrested him when his return flight landed
Detective Anastasios Tsakos was killed in 2021 after Jessica Beauvais, who had a blood alcohol level over twice the legal limit, struck him on an expressway and fled the scene
When the suspect was questioned, he told the officers that he stole the truck only because he had just gotten out of prison and needed a means of transportation home
Deputy Sheriff McCowan was shot and killed while initiating a traffic stop; the suspect fled after the shooting
“In my personal opinion, the impact on the community and the officers, probation just wasn’t enough.” Maj. Brian Johns of the Dayton Police Department said
“When Corporal Tripp asked him why he fled, [the suspect] stated he thought he could get away with it and that it would be fun,” the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said
Video shows the chaotic moments leading up to the brawl between officers and several suspects, who were seen kicking at officers and trying to stop them from arresting a man
After officers stopped the vehicle with a PIT maneuver, several cruisers boxed in the vehicle, leading to an arrest
The suspect was traveling at more than 115 mph when he swerved to hit Chief Deputy Ken Prorok; the suspect has been charged with first-degree murder
While the suspect was on the ground during the arrest, he bit off part of the officer’s left ring finger; the suspect then spit it out
The suspect was swerving in between cars on a motorcycle when an officer standing on the side of the road told him to pull over; instead, he sped up and ran over the officer’s leg
The man pleaded guilty to possession of a machine gun last year and was sentenced to nearly seven years in federal prison; he is also accused of attempting to purchase hand grenades and “auto sear” devices
Officer Matthew Brazeal was dragged more than 100 feet as a result of the 2020 collision; he underwent 60 surgeries and extensive rehab
A jury last November found Ryan Phillip Schlesinger guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Deputy Marshal Chase White
The man, who had eight prior felony convictions, was convicted in November of second-degree murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, harming a police dog and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm
“I think six years is more than reasonable and, to be frank Mr. Rogers, six years is a miracle in this situation,” the judge stated
“The impact [Alexis Hein-Nutz] had on this community stretched past being a cop,” a fellow officer stated. “She was a public servant. The community was robbed”
“This is pretty unique. Sometimes you walk into crimes in progress, but an actual robbery in progress at a convenience store is not very common,” Sgt. Angel Zuniga said
Staff Sgt. Jesse Sherrill was killed in 2021 while working at the site of an overnight paving project
Billy Clardy III was shot and killed while working on an undercover drug operation
The assistant U.S. attorney said that evidence in the case included the foot-long machete as well as post-arrest statements in which Trevor Bickford left “no doubt” that he attacked the officers because they were military-age men
Durham PD Officer J.T. Rose said that the suspect had an arm wrapped around his throat and was reaching for his service weapon when Chaplain Scott Wilkos intervened
“A substantial amount of padding” was chewed away — amounting to $650 in damage to the vehicle, according to Boone Police
Randy Roedema, who was convicted of third-degree assault, was also sentenced to four years of probation for negligent homicide