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PatrolEyes unveils new touchscreen IRIS body camera

With a touch screen interface and advanced connectivity features, the IRIS promises to transform how officers capture and manage critical moments in the field

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ADA, Mich. - PatrolEyes proudly introduces the IRIS body camera, a revolutionary device that sets new standards in law enforcement technology. Focusing on its intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen interface and advanced connectivity features, the IRIS promises to transform how officers capture and manage critical moments in the field.

The IRIS body camera is equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi, and a bluetooth option that allows multiple devices to be connected remotely for ease of use. Its built-in GPS precisely records location coordinates, seamlessly integrating them with video files. This feature provides accurate incident location data and the orientation of nearby individuals, facilitating precise evidence reconstructions and strategic analysis for law enforcement agencies.

Complementing its GPS capabilities, the IRIS features an accessible and user-friendly touchscreen interface. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, this interface allows officers to navigate the camera’s controls and playback effortlessly.

Mike Gramza, CEO of PatrolEyes, emphasized the camera’s user-centric approach, stating, “With the IRIS, our aim was to provide law enforcement professionals with a powerful yet easy to use straightforward tool. The design was incorporated after years of research giving officers both the touchscreen interface and large record button on the front to allow officers to focus on their task, and all of the new technology in one device.”

Beyond these features, the IRIS offers a 140-degree field of view, one-touch 2k video recording with 40 megapixel camera, and outstanding low-light performance at a range of up to 49 feet. The camera’s removable extended 12 hour battery life, H.265 video compression and 128GB of storage exceed law enforcement expectations. Data security remains paramount in the IRIS’s development, featuring AES256 encryption for top-tier data security. Each file is safeguarded by a tamper-proof date and time stamp, ensuring evidence integrity. The camera’s rugged, waterproof casing, rated at IP67, can withstand the harshest weather conditions. The PatrolEyes IRIS body camera signifies a significant leap in law enforcement technology, empowering officers with an indispensable tool for capturing, storing, and securing critical evidence with precision and ease.

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