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Photography book celebrates 50th anniversary of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

The book offers a virtual ride-along with LVMPD officers, with proceeds supporting public safety

By Police1 Staff

LAS VEGAS — The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) is featured in a unique photography book titled “America’s Finest: Policing Las Vegas.” The book marks the first time in LVMPD’s 50-year history that photographers have been granted such extensive access.

Readers are invited on a virtual ride-along with LVMPD officers, offering a glimpse into the daily realities of policing a city known for its constant influx of visitors and unique challenges.

The book takes readers to the front lines of crime scenes, as well as behind the scenes of LVMPD’s special units, communication centers and training facilities. The images reveal the heroism, heartache and dedication of the LVMPD officers, highlighting their deep commitment to the community and visitors. The book captures moments of officers consoling victims, aiding those in need, mentoring youth and engaging with the public.

The book also serves a philanthropic purpose, with proceeds from the book sales supporting the LVMPD Foundation. This contribution aids in providing a robust platform for public safety and assists the LVMPD in maintaining its status as a leader in the field of law enforcement. Order a copy here.