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Police Firearms: Discussion, Drills & Demos

In this series, Todd Fletcher writes about current hot topics related to police firearms training, outlines firearms training drills and demonstrates shooting techniques on video.

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Follow these four steps to improve your motivation and your skills
From door-kicking building searches to downrange information gathering, LPVOs have you covered
Instructors who claim accurate shots at 25 yards or more is too high of a standard for their officers are leaving their students with the curse of low expectations
Adapt these competitive shooter techniques to improve your skills
There’s a slew of good low-round count drills available to improve our skills
Most officers have trained exclusively with full-size duty guns, but BUGs are a whole new animal
It’s incumbent upon officers to overcome a resistant suspect quickly to minimize the risk of injury to everyone
It’s time to get officers back on the range to dust off their marksmanship and weapon-handling skills
It is critical police firearms trainers evaluate what can be accomplished on the range with limited ammunition