6 simple skills officers need to prevail in a fight

It’s incumbent upon officers to overcome a resistant suspect quickly to minimize the risk of injury to everyone

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In over 25 years of law enforcement experience with 24 years as a firearms and defensive tactics instructor, I have attended a great number of training classes. I have also taught classes all over the nation to a variety of skill levels, and I have seen firsthand how the best techniques are the simple ones. If a technique is simple, it can be learned quickly and retained as a usable skill set for a long time. Ultimately, these are the techniques that will help you win a fight.

Occasionally, someone will come up with a new technique to shoot a handgun, rifle, or shotgun faster and more accurately, but for the most part, it’s already been invented. Most of the defensive tactic techniques used today were discovered centuries ago. Unfortunately, there are many officers and instructors who don’t understand this fact. There is a metric ton of online videos and training courses marketed as "the latest and greatest" in shooting, knife fighting and defensive tactics. Most of the time, this is slick marketing of old ideas.

Instead of falling for the marketing campaigns, police officers and police trainers should focus on the skills that have decades of documented history that show they will enable an officer to prevail in a fight. These simple skills will build the competence, awareness and weapon handling proficiency that officers need.

Since simple skills can be learned quickly and retained for use later, our limited training time and money is best spent focusing on these areas. 

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